For us, a space for living is a safe shelter. Safe from noise, and life’s hectic pace, and the overload of stimuli. We create havens amidst the city rush and homes growing straight out of nature.

We call them
Organic Shelter

Organic Shelter is a place with room for life.

A place which gives freedom, not limits.
It doesn’t overconsume but prefers moderation.
Instead of stimulating, it soothes.
It doesn’t divide, but connects.
It encourages being present and doesn’t overwhelm.
It’s perfectly fitting, not accidental.
It helps you be, in yourself and in open space.
Organic, harmonious, simple.
Apart and your own.

Call it what you like. A haven, an oasis, a dwelling or a shelter. Organic Shelter is in every one of them. Wherever the shape and function of space promotes being present, being with one’s self, building a relationship with nature. It gives you relief, soothes, helps you be calm - or simply be.

Our projects

Warszawa, 2020
Warszawa, 2019
Warszawa, 2019
Der Garten
Monachium,  2019
Polska,  2012
Warszawa,  2017
Warszawa,  2012
Warszawa,  2019